The USA Today +Me app was aimed at creating a unique news source for users based entirely on thier browsing history and related keywords to show the top 5 things a user would be interested in reading - being very mindful that the users on an app would be most likely limited in how much time they had available and we wanted get them to what thier interests were as quickly as possible. Simply put, the more you user it, the most accurate your personalized news would be.

Roles Involved: Art Direction, Wireframes, Visual Design

The Point is a hyper localized news & marketplace portal made for the Hilton hotel family and in a partnership with Gannett Digital to help travelers at their hotels explore their location while staying in the know on current world events & local news.

Role: Art Direction, Branding, Wireframes, Visual Design, Iconography

Weather Iconography for use across the 90+ web properties owned & operated via Gannett. The realistic icon style was created for use in broadcast, & the flat design style was intended for use within web & mobile apps.Definitely a unique and memorable project.
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